Why We Don’t Need Any More LOUSY Public Officials

Over 40 years ago, one of the hit movies, was a combination of satire, comedy and drama, Network, whose core message, continues to resonate, today! This movie, about an individual, put out to pasture. provided the vehicle, for one of the greatest lines from any film, I’m sick and tired, and not going to take it any more! In today’s deeply troubling times, when it seems, so little is accomplished, for the best interests of most citizens, and/ or the nation, many of us, feel the same way, about many of the individuals, elected to serve and represent us! In many cases, these public officials are far more than, merely, bad, but are LOUSY! Therefore, this article will briefly examine, using the mnemonic approach, why we don’t need, any more of these types.

1. L: Don’t listen and/ or learn, nor offer leadership: Are you sick – and – tired, of being, sick – and – tired? When will the American people wake up, and get rid of the bums, who follow their own personal agenda and self – interest, rather than taking the time, or making the effort, to effectively listen, and learn from every exchange and experience? If you elect someone, shouldn’t you anticipate, and be able to expect, that individual, to offer quality, relevant, service and solutions – oriented, leadership?

2. Options; opportunities; ordinary (versus extraordinary): Let them know, you want them to consider, with an open – mind, any viable alternatives and/ or options, which might make a difference for the better, rather than, merely, the same – old, same – old! There are always opportunities, so, will you be ready, and prepared, to take advantage of them? Don’t accept ordinary leadership, but demand, a commitment to be extraordinary, and tell them, you want changes, but, only, for the better!

3. Useless; unique?; urgency: Enough of useless rhetoric, and unfulfilled promises! Are you tired of the same – old ideas, rather than some, unique, approached? Where will the urgency, be focused, on what serves you, or them?

4. Short – term; self – serving: Far too often, we witness these so – called, leaders, merely offer, short – term, band – aid solutions, instead of ideas, focused on sustainability! Let them know, you will no longer tolerate self – serving behavior, but want, service – oriented leadership!

5. Yes; you: There should be distrust, for anyone who, merely, blames and complains, rather than creating, introducing and implementing, a viable approach, to achieve positive, relevant objectives! Stop tolerating their behavior, when it fails to say, yes, to progress, or to you, unless it serves their personal agenda and self – interest!

We have certainly had enough LOUSY public officials! Will you, step forward, and say, you’re not going to take it any more?